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International Education at Affordable Cost

Our Goal at London Kids is to provide better education standard to every child even in rural india.

Our Programs

Focusing on Children from Age 2 Years to 6 Years with UK Concept Learning

  • UK Based Curriculum
  • Digital Learning
  • Educational Tablet
  • School Mobile App

London Kids Pan India implements UK Concept Preschool based Curriculum & sets the standards for learning and development, & it focuses on children from the time they’re born until they’re Six years old. " The belief is that children develop early, and it depends on how and what they learn in the first five years of their lives can have a large impact throughout the rest of their lives.

  • Creative Focus on each & every Child
  • Implementing best practical learning Methods
  • Smart Teaching Approach
  • Focusing on Child Care & Happiness
  • Implementhing Montessori Methodology

Set of Educative Animated Content to Fulfill Children Curiosity and also enabling them to understand Alphabetic and Numeric Content. " Including: Rhymes & Stories Compiled according to the UK Concept Curriculum.

  • Learning digitally caters Child Curiosity
  • Children Develop Emotional & Social Skills
  • Has a powerful impact on children’s behavior
  • In practice, child is more motivated to learn
  • kids learn topics more easily with better insights.

A distraction or a new interactive way to learn? Like it or not, the tablet device is invading traditional school. Forget the backpack stuffed with books. It’s the era of the tablet and digital training. " The instructor can quickly deliver engaging material to the students in real time in just a couple clicks. Sorry, a couple taps!.

  • Much More effective than textbooks
  • Faster visualization, quicker reporting
  • Improving computer skills. Boosting creativity
  • Personal approach with Educational Content
  • Teachers are empowered with technology

Gone are days when we hardly knew what was happening in our children’s school, but not anymore, with clear and timely sharing of information between London kids teachers and parents. London Kids becomes a vital and an efficient and cohesive force in educational Process. " By improving school to parent communication, the London Kids Mobile App for schools have a host of benefits for both the parties.

  • Helps parents be in touch with school activities
  • Help them to know the upcoming school events
  • Helps sustain a helathy relationship with parents
  • Parents Gets Notified about their Child Growth
  • Keeps Track of Attendance & Notifications

Our Team Players

London Kids Team Focuses on developing better standards of Curriculum and constantly updating newer methods to better the kids schooling experience

  • Vikas Singh

    Founder, London Kids


    Managing Director, London Kids

    Nishi Thakur

    Curriculum Head, London Kids


    Franchise Head, London Kids

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